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Outline of issues surrounding capital punishment

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The outline consists of the pro and con side of capital punishment. The pro side consists of retribution, heinous of crime, victim's rights. The con side consists of rights of criminal, cost, racial discrimination, conviction of the innocent, and miscarriage of justice.

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Capital Punishment

Background: Capital punishment is the death penalty required as a response to capital crimes such as murder, rape, and serial killing. Capital comes from the Latin word meaning head-the head was cut off at capital crimes. Recently, many countries have abolished capital punishment and the UN has supported its abolition.
Four countries still support the death penalty in the world.

Pro-Capital Punishment:
1. Retribution-The murderer has taken away the life of another person and as a result should lose his life for violating the future of another person as well as the person's dignity and moral value. Kant would support it, because murder violates the dignity and autonomy of another person's life.
A victim's life is the basis of morality and the highest value protected by morality. If a murderer takes that life, he/she ...

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