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Pros & Cons: Death Penalty

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What are some arguments used for and against capital punishment?. How does the ethical debate on capital punishment touch on the issues of the value of human life ,human rights, and human dignity? if you had a loved one who was murdered, would you want to h ave the option of capital punishment for the convicted murderer? why or why not?

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Pros & Cons of Capital Punishment

Many people are against capital punishment while many are for it. It is a divisive issue due to its ethical, religious, legal, psychological, criminological and sociological implications. Capital Punishment is the execution of a Person by the State as a punishment for a crime by which he was convicted of. Usually these crimes are Capital Crimes wherein only death will do to provide justice to the act and to ensure that a deterrent by example is exemplified. The US is among the many countries that still allow for Capital Punishment. It has been continually debated since the ancient times whether or not Death Penalty is a justified act by any society. Some US States have outlawed Death Penalty (i.e. Nebraska) but states like ...

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