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Capital Punishment

see attachment ... in thinking critically number 6 Capital punishment... so far i have con...
1. killing the wrongfully convicted
2. is this humane

and for pro i have so far
1. it is cost effective

need help with more to add to my list

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Issue 6: Capital Punishment

I believe that death penalty or capital punishment is a divisive public issue. Killing as punishment has been around since the early ages of man and while the one bestowed the punishment would seem to deserve nothing else but death due to the gravity or heinousness of the crime committed, there are moral and ethical reasons that stand out compelling one to rethink the acceptability of capital punishment. Some states have outlawed capital punishment (i.e. Kansas), some have no statute (i.e. New Jersey)while majority have executed felons since 1976. In 2009 alone, there were 52 executions in the US (Stateline, 2009). For me, the following reasons in support of (pros) and against (cons) the measure has created that ...

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