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    Analysis of capital punishment: pros and cons

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    Discuss Capital Punishment and answer the following questions:

    -How it relates to amendment #8 Bail, cruel and usual punishment ?

    -How it relates to religion or religious view?

    -How is it inhumane?

    -What are some pro's and con's?

    -What case laws relate to it?

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    Capital punishment is the death penalty. Only the most severe crimes will give adequate grounds for the state to seek the death penalty. In some states, like Alaska, the death penalty is not legal. In other states, like Texas, it is not considered to be controversial, and it had even been used to execute minors until recently. In many states, the death penalty is only sought to punish aggravated murder or felony murder committed by adults. Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), capital punishment may be sought in cases of rape, though it has not been sought for any reason in recent decades.

    The death penalty relates to the Eighth Amendment because a calculated and controlled death often involves some suffering. Many people feel that some types of executions cause more suffering that others, or more suffering than is necessary. States vary in their methods of execution. For example, some states use the electric chair, while others use lethal injection. Many people have argued ...

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    The expert discusses capital punishment and how it relates to the 8th amendment. Religious views are taken into considerations. The pros and cons of capital punishment are determined.