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On Capital Punishment: Ethical Arguments For and Against

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Identify the key ethical arguments for and against capital punishment.

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Capital Punishment: Pros & Cons

Capital Punishment is the execution of a Person by the State as a punishment for a crime by which he was convicted of. Usually in our current era these crimes are Capital Crimes, heinous and brutal wherein only death will do. The US is among the many countries that still allow for Capital Punishment. It has been continually debated since the ancient times whether or not Death Penalty is a justified act by any society. Ours is a society bent on rehabilitation & correction that the practice of Death Penalty reflects the severity of the crime committed. Death Penalty or Capital Punishment is not universally applied across the US. Nebraska has altogether declared death penalty altogether unconstitutional while Kansas, New Hampshire & some parts of New York have not applied death penalty since 1976. North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Vermont, Hawaii, Alaska, Massachusetts & Maine have no current death penalty statutes. Still, the rest of the states have reinstated death penalty as part of their Criminal Justice punishment since 1976 when for a time, from 1972-1976, the US Supreme court has suspended capital punishment when the death penalty decision on Furman vs. Georgia was found to be unconstitutional after the sentence was found t be cruel & in violation of the 8th Amendment. Death Penalty after 1976 however was strictly imposed on cases of murder although states like ...

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