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Article evaluation

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I really need help analyzing this problem.

Go to thenewamerican.com; click on subject index, click on capital punishment. Evaluate "Ten Anti-Death Penalty Fallacies" Draft a one page essay in which you cite examples of both strengths and weaknesses in the document's argument against abolishing capital punishment (you will be evaluating the doc's "Corrections)"; and provide an evaluation of its overall effectiveness.

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Please see the attachment for a copy of the article. To start let's make an outline of this one page critic.

First paragraph-Intro
-One sentence intro about the controversy of the death penalty and the abundance of articles for and against it
-One sentence introducing the article and who it was written by, possibly why
-One sentence saying that this paper has some strengths and weakness when it comes to debating the issue

Second paragraph-Strengths
-Points out the misrepresentation of racism in the application of the death penalty
-Points out the flawed terminology in labeling all over-turned death penalty sentences as judicial errors as some are due to new evidence and changes in ideology
-Good arguments that punishment by death is not an advocation of killing in general
-Overall good arguments against the necessity of society to 'forgive'

Third paragraph-Weaknesses
-Includes ...

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Several paragraph examining the strengths and weaknesses of an article about "Ten Anti-Death Penalty Fallacies".