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Macroeconomics Discussion

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For the Portfolio Project, I am required to conduct an analysis of a recent article, less then 5 months old and provide an evaluation and outcome expectations in a written response that discusses:
I need assistance first

* Locating an article ( example) that would meet the criteria below:
***A minimum of three general economic principles related to the article
***Identification of three to five macroeconomic indices
***Definition and explanation of the indices e.g., GDP, CPI, and other economic calculations

Second, an example of how to best analyze the article including the following:
****Appropriate evaluation, decisions and forecasts that could be made from the information in the article.

I need a suggested outline and suggested analysis and suggested article.

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Suggested outline and suggested analysis:

I. Suggested article: Leading Index Signals U.S. Growth to Pick Up Into 2014
II. General Economic indicators found in the article
A. Real GDP
B. Interest rates
C. Consumer spending
III. General Economic indicators found in the article
A. Unemployment or Jobless benefits
B. Stocks
C. Labor Market
IV. Appropriate evaluation, decisions and forecasts
A. Using the historical data to forecast Real GDP, Interest rates, and Consumer spending for the next 10 years
B. Testing Statistically the relationship of Real GDP to Consumer spending (Use Pearson product coefficient of correlation.)
V. Conclusion
VI. Recommendations

Suggested article: Leading Index Signals U.S. Growth to Pick Up Into 2014

Author: Jeanna Smialek

Date published: August 23, 2013

Source: http://www.economist.com/news/leaders/21583686-global-economy-gaining-momentum-only-america-acceleration-likely-last

General Economic indicators found in the article:

Real GDP
Interest rates
Consumer ...

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This is a link to an article that mentions general economic principles and macroeconomic indices.

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