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    The Evolution of Social Facilitation

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    What is social facilitation? How has the definition of social facilitation evolved? Find one scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article published within the last 5 years on social facilitation. Present a short summary and critique of the article.

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    According to Fiske, social facilitation is the phenomenon in which "people work faster in the presence of others when they have a well-practiced or dominant response" (2010, p. 521). It's also believed that social facilitation makes people brainstorm better and work faster. The article I found discusses and tests two theories of social facilitation including the evaluation-apprehension theory and the distraction-conflict theory (Feinberg & Aiello, 2006). A single design was used to test both theories ...

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    In 302 words with 2 references included, this solution delves into an article entitled "Social Facilitation: A Test of Competing Theories" in order to explain and describe the evolution of the concept.