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Accounting Summary - Assessment of Internship Experiences and Accounting Core Competencies

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First, please note that Beard's article, "Assessment of Internship Experiences and Accounting Core Competencies," offers a myriad of examples, samples, and recommendations for using assessment tools as part of internship programs. Her article provides a plethora of advice, examples, and visuals to implement positive changes in the assessment process for accounting majors. Although the scope of the article emphasizes work at Southeast Missouri State University, Beard's suggestions are applicable for programs nationwide as well as globally.

First, the article carefully expands the traditional definition of assessments. She includes that "student interns at SEMO must maintain a diary/journal of activities and of the learning which they believe is occurring; send bi-weekly e-mails to the on-campus coordinator concerning activities and progress; undertake a self-assessment survey, compose a written paper concerning the internship experience ...

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