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Hiring practices and legal compliance

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Fisher, D. R., and Nobile, R. J. Employee selection: Best practices for reducing legal risk in pre-hire assessments. WorkLab Consulting, retrieved August 19, 2011, from http://podiaconsulting.com/pdfs/legal_selection_paper_f.pdf

Select one of the following open positions and develop a pre-hire assessment plan to fill the opening:

--President of a major retail store chain

--Accountant in a major bank

--Vice President of HRM, communications technology firm, 240,000 employees

Be sure to discuss how your plan relates to the Fisher and Nobile article and any other articles that you have researched on applicant assessment for this assignment.

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Pre-hire Assessment Plan for an Accountant in Major Bank

1.0 Job analysis
1.1 Employee data Collected
Number of Employees and supervisors interviewed: 13
Job code: ACC 12
Job title: Accountants
Average number of years worked in the company: 7
Department: Accounting and Finance
1.2 General purpose of the position
Responsible for ensuring that the books of account are well recorded and balanced and in specific the receivables and the payables, inputting invoices into the system, inputting checks to customer accounts, and general ledger coding.
1.3 Essential functions / duties required by the Job
Duties Percentage of time (%)
Inputting checks to customer accounts 25%
Processing invoices, cleared checks and posting to vendor accounts 25%
Processing bad debts, returned checks and refunds 25%
Inputting journal entries and end month Accounts receivables and Accounts payables 20%
Performing other job related duties as assigned 5%

1.4 General Education and Experience of the 13 employees interviewed
Education Percentage of Employees (%)
Bachelors Degree in Accounting and finance 20%
Bachelors Degree in Accounting and Finance with CPA 75%
Masters Degree in accounting 5%

Experience needed in the job: Accounting Experience in a large organization
Average minimum Number of years of experience needed for the job: one year or more.

1.5 Knowledge Skills and Abilities required
Knowledge Skills Abilities
Knowledge of generally accounting principles in carrying out accounting tasks Skills in performing accounting functions Ability to apply and comprehend accounting procedures and principles to complete work
Knowledge of State accounting principles Skills working with software applications, Quickbooks and pastel Ability to use the standard equipments in an office
Knowledge of accounting applications and software Skill to complete work within expected timeframes Ability for effective data analysis used in accounting ...

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Hiring practices and legal compliances are examined for the president of a major retail store chain.