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    Human Resource Globalization: Three Part Case Study

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    This solution address the following case study questions:

    What are the main functions of Global Human Resource Management?
    Which function do you find most important? Why?
    What are your views on globalization?

    Globalization ensures an organization can manage its human resource functions worldwide. The most vital function is that of compliance, as employment regulations can vary greatly from country to country. Globalization will continue to be a driving force in how organizations operate into the foreseeable future.

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    The main functions of Global Human Resource Management (GHRM) are to ensure an organization's staffing needs are fulfilled on a global basis, which hiring practices conform to global compliance and regulations, along with ensuring the organization's policies/procedures are adapted and apply to all employees. This may include ...

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    This solution is about 200 words and addresses three questions on the globalization of human resource management. It defines the main functions in going global, which function is the most vital and viewpoints on globalization.