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Human Resource Issues at Valley National Bank

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I need help in answering 2 question, case study is attached:
1. What are the human resource issues facing the vice president's department and under which of the HR domains (e.g. Organizational Design, Staffing, Performance Management and Appraisal) does each issue belong? Identify some strategies for dealing with these issues.
2. Develop a rank-ordered chronological priority list of the first three issues that require attention. Provide justification for your recommendations.

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1. The human resource issues facing the vice president are as follows. Carla Goodman and Bob are at the same level as Kathy Lewis and Greg Williams even though their output levels are very different. Also Bob Philips has not been selected but has come through merger and he has been given a position and salary. Performance reviews are late by up to six months. Recruitment at the bank is faulty.
The issues under organizational design are that Bob, Carla, Kathy, and Greg are at the same level. The issues relating to staffing are that Bob and Carla have come into the company through a merger and they do not have important skills required for their position. The issues ...

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