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International Business Strategy

Analyze the key elements of corporate social responsibility for companies operating in global markets. Evaluate the progress made by international agencies and NGOs in establishing international standards for this area.

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Key Elements
Corporate Social Responsibility is the commitment made by the organizations for the social responsibilities regarding they want to fulfill for society (Hopkins, 2007). Nowadays, organizations are pursuing CSR policies and initiatives to make a difference in their business. CSR adoption can be attributed to the long-term interest of firms. With CSR, organizations maintain their corporate image. Following are the key elements of corporate social responsibility for organizations operating in the global market.

Human right: Human rights consideration is a key element that the organizations should consider as a part of their CSR policy. As a part of this element, organizations should make sure the protection of human rights.
Non-Discrimination: Non-discrimination is another element that the organization should consider as a part of their CSR program. Organizations should ensure that hiring and treatment of their employees is based on non-discrimination (Zairi & Peters, 2002).

Work environment: Work environment is also a key CSR element. Organizations should provide a safe and healthy working environment for the employees. ...

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