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    Effective International Marketing Intervention Selection

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    This has me lost please give me some insight......Thanks. I have attached an article that should help in getting me going....;)

    The text states intervention selection is primarily a process activity. On pages 249-250 are a list of intervention types.
    Which intervention type is needed to make International marketing effective in your opinion from reading the case study? Make an argument of what intervention selection and design you would use and why?
    Write a 3 page response using APA format.

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    Maximizing Effectiveness Through Intervention
    To maximize the effectiveness of international Internet marketing it is important to consider the best intervention selection to use. In reviewing the various intervention types, while all might be of some benefit, organizational design and development would be of the most use in increasing the effectiveness of international Internet marketing. This was chosen based upon the need to incorporate strategy, assess the process, design structures and systems, and implement the process in order to show the greatest results. Organizational design and development is likely to give the most clear measurable outcomes to the process.
    In "Making Business to Business International Internet Marketing Effective: A Study of Critical Factors Using a Case-Study Approach" (Eid, Elbeltagi, Zairi, 2006), many critical factors are mentioned in enhancing business to business international Internet marketing implementation. These include appropriate training, top management support, supplier and customer involvement, culture, and development of successful inter-organizational relationships. Each of these factors can be addressed in the utilization of organizational design and development. Organization design is re-shaping the organization structure and roles to be more in tune with the organization's business strategy and goals. Jay Galbraith (2012) points out that attention to structure, process, rewards, metrics and talent in alignment with the strategy of the business allows for new capabilities to be developed to compete in the marketplace. Facilitating the creation of a well designed ...

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    This detailed 4 page solution discusses what type of intervention is needed to make international marketing effective, based upon the case study. It includes an argument for the intervention selection and design, and includes APA references as well as a copy formatted in Microsoft Word.