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    Article Review: New frontiers in International Strategy

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    Examine the article "New frontiers in international strategy for marketing, production, and finance factors. Describe how the three factors should be incorporated into the situation within the article.

    Ricart, J.E., Enright, M.J., Ghemawat, P., Hart, S.L. & Khanna, T. (2004). New frontiers in international strategy. Journal of International Business Studies, 35, 175-200.

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    The main topic of selected article is related with the approach that focuses on new frontiers in international business in the context of organizations' ecology and environment of business place. This article also discusses and elaborates the real problems related to the environment of industry, linkages between market share and performance of an organization, generic and position strategies, selections of customers and market and business strategies (Ricart, Enright, Ghemawat, Hart & Khanna, 2004). These problems can affect the profitability of organizations after the selection of business place for successful business practices.

    Strategy implementation is a vital part of organizational business plan and it could be affected by the marketing, production and financial factors directly. The selection of business place has its own importance in the context of profitability for an international organization because due to this, the global organizations would meet with customers, suppliers and competitors to know how; they can get advantages from market with the help of their existing products and existing competencies (Mazzola & Kellermanns, 2010). So, the strategy makers of organizations formulate several business ...

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    The expert examines the new frontiers in international strategies.