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    Article Review and Analysis

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    For this assignment, choose a peer-reviewed article to review. Use the databases within the CSU Online Library or use another source that contains peer-reviewed articles. The purpose of this assignment is for you to practice reviewing articles that contribute to the industry. The authors of these articles are researchers and professionals that have shared or experimented with ideas that demonstrate potential to improve the industry. As a professional in the industry, it is in your best interest to review the literature and trends. This provides you with the opportunity to read about what was successful in BBA 4426, International Management 6 and how they accomplished it. Plus, it allows you to analyze what was unsuccessful, how you can improve it, or at least avoid repeating the mistakes of others. Use these skills to contribute to research papers and other scholarly writing. If you have not already, hopefully, you will contribute to the industry by publishing an article and sharing with your community of peers.

    As you read the article, consider the following questions: How could the topic of this article apply to your personal or professional life? How could it apply to an organization you have observed?

    For this article review, examine the article for marketing, production, and finance factors. It is acceptable to choose an article that is does not discuss marketing, production, or finance factors. However, these factors must be included in your review of the article. Describe how the three factors should be incorporated into the situation within the article.

    The article you choose must meet the following requirements:
    • Be related to international management (preferably strategy and/or implementation); and
    • Be at least ten pages.
    The writing you submit must meet the following requirements:
    • Identify the main topic/question; and
    • Critique or recommend how marketing, production, and finance factors contribute to strategy implementation.

    Format your article review using APA Style. Use your own words and include citations for other articles as needed to avoid plagiarism.

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    //As a small business development strategy, use of marketing, finance and production factors, is very important in developing a franchise business. Market analysis and financial planning have a significant role in the successful growth of the franchise business. Production factors are used with proper allocation to meet needs of customers at the new business location in a franchisee business.//

    Stanworth et al. (2004), discusses the different aspects of the franchising business models as a small business growth strategy. Marketing, production and financial factors, have a significant role to play in the formulation and development strategies to increase the success rate and market share of the company. Franchise businesses all over the world address these factors to accomplish successful growth through predefined strategic plans. Marketing has an important role even in the initial phase, establishment of the franchises business. A determined and focused market research would allow the development of strategic plans to address needs and perspectives of the distinguishing customers in the future or existing market conditions. Companies believe in deploying market tested business models to develop strategies that would benefit the franchise business. Marketing factors are important in the franchising business as it involves the use of the name, technical and managerial know-how of a well-established brand for a new ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 801 words with references.