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    Biodiversity: The long view; The effects of growth

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    What evidence does this article provide that GDP is related to habitat conservation? (Define GDP in your answer.)
    •According to the article, what is the role of technology in protecting biodiversity? Briefly discuss the examples provided in the article.
    •What changes in land use related to economic growth have a positive impact on natural resources and biodiversity conservation?

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    I have provided definitions of GDP and the environment Kuznets curve, which forms a central part of the article. I have provided a summary of the ...

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    Analysis of the article: "Biodiversity: The Long view; The effects of growth". The article outlines how economic growth may be good for biodiversity. Provides an analysis as it relates to the overall argument as it relates to the environmental Kuznets curve, how countries initially experience environmental degradation at the early stages of growth, but as the economies improve, the environmental degradation stabilizes, then begins to improve. In addition, improvements in technology have increased the data and information available, which improves the decision making as it relates to approval and mitigation of economic activities.