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conservation of Old Growth forests in the Pacific Northwest

The conservation of Old Growth forests in the Pacific Northwest is a controversial topic. Consider the opposing view of loggers versus environmentalists and discuss some of the controversies surrounding this issue.

You will find additional information on the text website: http://www.wiley.com/college/raven (select Chapter 2 and Take a Stand). Alternatively, you may use any reliable website.

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Old growth forests are the subject of much controversy because of their value economically and environmentally. Economically, large trees are more valuable as timber. Large trees tend to grow over long spans of time, and so are more scarce than smaller trees. This is also one of the reasons old growth trees are so valuable environmentally: they are very stable ecosystems that can offer habitat to many creatures that live in other places. There is also little room for compromise between the groups. Will it may seem that allowing a small portion of these forests to be harvested would do little harm, in fact, ...

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Importance of old growth forests in the Pacific Northwest, and the controversy surrounding their logging.