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    Preservation v/s Conservation: Forest Care

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    Compare and contrast the practices of preservation and conservation as they relate to the maintenance of ecosystems based on a scenario.

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    Scenario: The Mt. Hood National Forest started as the Cascade Range Forest Reserve, which was established in 1893. It was then divided into several National Forests in 1908, when the northern portion was merged with the Bull Run Reserve (city watershed) and named Oregon National Forest. The name was changed again to Mount Hood National Forest in 1924.
    When it was divided into several National Forests in 1908, a clause was included (not true!) that stipulated a renewal review must take place after 100 years. This year, that review is due.

    Bear and wolves have suddenly increased in number due to the droughts being experienced in the rest of the state. These same droughts have caused forest fires and much timberland has been lost. As a consequence two contrasting proposals have ...

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