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Identify five global and/or regional trends that influence India

Describe how India has addressed the following five global trends facing the country and businesses.

1. Conservation
2. Generational Gaps
3. Global Technology
4. Water, food and electricity
5. Education

Please use in text citations.

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Global Trends in India

Conservation: In the current scenario, key issue with a country and business is to protect natural resources from the civilians and business activities. To save the natural resources, Indian government has taken several initiatives for conservation. The Forest Conservation Act 1980 amended1988 and The Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers Act 2006 restrict the civilians from misuse or destroy the forest and forest dwellers (Forest Conservation, 2010).

The Environment (Protection) Act 1986, amended 1991 is used to prevent environment pollution and to tackle different specific environmental problems (Environment Protection, 2010). NRCD (National River Conservation Plan) has two specific phases, Ganga Action Plan Phase-I 1985 and Phase-II 1993. Under the NRCD plan, it works to make pollution free and clean Indian rivers and improve the water quality of rivers (National River Conservation Plan, 2010). Indian Board for Wildlife (IBWL) is the initiative that is undertaken by the Indian government to protect the wildlife specially to save tigers (Government of India - Initiatives, 2010).

Generational Gaps: There are mainly four categories like silent generation, baby boomers, generation x and generation y those have gaps due to the differences in the opinions, behaviour, motivations and attitude. Indian government has taken many initiatives to bridge the gap existing in generations (Capoor, 2008). The government has built a strong infrastructure development both in the private as well as public sector to minimize the generational gaps existing in these sectors. Indian government has taken initiatives like, the national policy on older persons (NPOP) 1999, National Social Assistance Program ...

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The expert identifies five global and/or regional trends that influence India.