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    Biodiversity and GM foods/seeds

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    For this discussion read: "Hang On: Biodiversity" in The Economist, Sep 14, 2013; Vol. 408 (8853): 13 (main issue) and in your initial post comment on the following:
    1. What does the first line state? What evidence is given in the article to support this statement?
    2. What two factors are listed as the biggest threats to biodiversity?
    3. What is your opinion of GM (genetically modified) foods/seeds?

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    The first line states:

    More growth, not less, is the best hope for averting a sixth great extinction.

    By "growth", the article is talking about economic growth and technological growth. As people get richer, we become more concerned about luxuries. To some, bird-watching is a luxury. As we experience economic growth, environmental groups tend to put pressure on the government to enact laws that protect the environment. With economic growth, we are better able to protect endangered species.

    The article provides several pieces of evidence to support this statement. As economies improve, ...

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    The expert discusses the article "Hang On: Biodiversity". The first line state and evidence given are defined. Two factors that are the biggest threat to biodiversity are given. The solution is answered in 327 words. Two sources are cited.