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    Institutional Based Research on Strategy: "The Third Leg in the Strategy 'Tripod'"

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    Evaluate the case made in the article for 'The Third Leg in the Strategy "Tripod",' with particular reference to the effectiveness of the four cases offered in supporting the central argument of this article.

    Peng, M.W., Wang, D.Y.L. & Jiang, Y. (2008) 'An institution-based view of international business strategy: A focus on emerging economies', Journal of International Business Studies, 39 (5), July/August, pp. 920-936.

    Online version: http://www.utdallas.edu/~mikepeng/pdf/Peng08JIBSWangJiang39(5)pp920-936.pdf.

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    Institutional based research on strategy is becoming more prominent, not just because it is an area not researched fully, but because it points to the differences in established economies and emerging economies. Laws and regulations along with the cultural and technological changes are differently viewed and applied in emerging economies. In research on international business, these differences can cause problems for researchers using theoretical ideas that were established previously. Using the thrust of industry strategies or resource based strategies, cannot be applied to fully meet the needs of theories established before the global market began to gain so many emerging (and growing) economies.

    This article makes a sound case for the need for a different strategy research to compliment the current methods. It is true that newly emerging economies cannot compete on the same level or using ...

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    The solution discusses the article and the need for a different strategy research to compliment the current methods as well as uses the institutional changes in the norms and culture of India as an example among the detailed response.