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    'The Third Leg in the Stategy Tripod'

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    Evaluate the case made in the article, 'The Third Leg in the Stategy Tripod', with particular reference to the effectiveness of the four cases offered in the central supporting article - An Institution-based view of International business strategy: a focus on emerging economies - by Mike W Wang, Denis YL Wang and YI Jiang

    Help understanding the question and direction on the key points to focus on. I would also like a few pointers as to how to structure the answer.

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    Essentially the question wants you to apply the institution based view to the areas of antidumping as entry barriers, competing in and out of India, growing the firm in China, and governing the corporation in emerging economies. These are four areas of international business related to emerging economies that have been identified by the author. You need to determine how useful is the application of the institution based view to the four areas specified in the article.

    You can structure your response by taking up each of the four areas of international business and evaluate the usefulness of the institutional view in each of their context.

    Now what is the institutional view? The institutional view attempts to capture the relationships between institutions and organization. The institution based view is supposed to focus on the dynamic interaction between institution and organizations and considers strategic ...

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