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    Molecular geometry of atoms

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    I have this question:

    Draw the Lewis dot structures of the following molecules and then predict their
    Indicate molecular geometry of the atoms and the position of lone pairs.
    a. BeF2
    b. BF3
    c. CH 4
    d. NH3
    e. H2O

    I am OK with the Lewis dot structures part, but what does "the indicate molecular geometry of the atoms" mean? How do I do it?

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    Molecule geometry is essentially the shape of each molecule. This depends on how many atoms are bonded to the central atom and how many lone pairs of electrons there are. Regardless, there are only a few basic shapes to know because the objects attached to the central atom are always trying to be as far from the others as possible.

    If there are two objects (atoms or lone pairs) coming off the central atom, they will make a linear shape.

    If there are three objects, they will make a flat, triangular ...

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