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Molecular Geometry and Bonding: Example Problems

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1. What is the AE___________ NE___________
Lewis Structure VSEPR Sketch
VB Sketch description

for Ammonia, NH3, Ammonium ion, NH4+. Carbon monoxide, CO, Carbon dioxide, CO2, Phosgene, COCl2, hexafluorosilicate(IV) ion, SiF62, Nitrogen dioxide, NO2, and Sulfur tetrafluoride, SF4?

2. Draw the Lewis structure representing resonance in the acetate ion, CH3COO-.
Using formal charge consideration, show that the bonding in the acetic acid molecule, CH3COOH, should not be described in terms of resonance.

3. Because of the single, nonbonding electron on each N atom, two NO2 molecules readily
Forms the N2O4 dimer. Draw the Lewis structure(s) for the dinitrogen tetroxide molecule.

4. In this experiment, we assume the single, non-bonding electron on the N atom in the NO2 mole occupies a hybridized orbital, resulting in a bent molecule. If we assume this electron remain in an unhybridized atomic orbital, What is the predicted shape of the NO2molecule? Which structure correctly predict NO2 to be a polar molecule.

5. Although aluminum chloride, AlCl3, is ionic in the solid sate, it is molecular in the gaseous state. Write the Lewis struce, prepare a VSEPR sketch, describe the geometry, prepare a VB sketch, and describe the bonding in gaseous AlCl3.

Because the octet on the Al atom in AlCl3 is not filled, two molecule of AlCl3 combine to form the Al2Cl6 dimer. This creates a four-atom ring containing two Al atoms and two Cl atoms. Draw the Lewis structure of this molecule.

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