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Ethics Violations

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Can anyone help me with a summary of the poor outcome of the case below and the ethical principle(s)/codes the researcher violated and how. Also, is there a strategy that the researcher could have applied that might have helped resolve the ethical dilemma and would ether the dilemma have change if either the participant or the researcher was located outside of the United States. By using this strategy, would it cause any other problem?


A developmental psychologist received permission from a local school district to design and test a conflict resolution program for fifth and sixth graders. The school permitted her to offer the program during regularly scheduled health classes. Half of the classes served as controls. The success of the program was evaluated by comparing baseline and post-program responses of children to questions about their conflicts with peers, siblings, and parents. Without consulting with her IRB, the psychologist told the school superintendent that the research was exempt from IRB review and that parental permission would not be required for this type of research.

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This solution discusses ethics violations associated with research.

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(1) Can anyone help me with a summary of the poor outcome of the case below and the ethical principle(s)/codes the researcher violated and how.

Although, the psychologist received permission from her local school district, the program involved the use of human subjects. Regulations have been set forth to show that all federal- funded research involving "human subjects" are regulated. For example, the current ethical framework for protecting human subjects falls under the guidelines of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) "Protection of human subjects". Based on the definition of "human subjects" ethical considerations are considered for human subjects described as individuals (person or student) involved in the conducting of research including use of the data; and/or interaction with the individual. The IRB regulation "Protection of Human subjects" [46. 116], 1981 as cited in Ceci, Peters & Plotkin, 1985) is considered evidence of an institutional willingness to afford human subjects treatment. Based on the current case study, the developmental psychologist has violated Standard 3.0l Informed consent; and Standard 8.05 of the 2002 American Psychological Association (APA) ethical codes. In addition, regulations for federal funding under the IRB require that informed consent of the research participant [or the legal responsible party[ (Frankel, 1999) .

Moreover, according to Ceci et al., research is presented detailing the IRB process against ...

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