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Infants and Toddlers

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You have decided to open an infant and toddler childcare out of your home for children Birth to age 3. You have completed all the steps necessary to be considered a functioning childcare facility. Your final goal is to develop a quality learning environment for both infants and toddlers.

Describe your plan to meet the developmental needs of the children.
Explain three strategies that will be used to promote language, behavioral, and social development. Give specific examples.
Provide a daily schedule that shows the connection between daily routines and development.

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When offering a brief description of your plan to meet the developmental needs of the children, I'd recommend a center with a whole child concept. Since effectively early education takes a holistic, integrated approach, this concept ensures that we prepare children to succeed in school by tapping into and stimulating learners' cognitive, social, cultural, physical, and emotional needs.

Similarly, this plan relies heavily on infusing parental and family involvement.

One article offers insights:

Ghirotto, L., & Mazzoni, V. (2013). Being part, being involved: the adult's role and child participation in an early childhood learning context. International Journal Of Early Years Education, 21(4), 300-308.

The authors strongly advocate that "...adults' power has a positive impact on children's ideas and should be positioned as an important resource for children's development" (300).

Another article further advises this concept:

Klein, A. (2010). Needs of 'Whole Child' Factor in ESEA Renewal. Education Week, 29(30), 16-21.

The author clearly cites how the whole child concept is not only academically sound but also legally and politically sounds since "the whole child concept can also refer to making sure schools attend to students' nonacademic interests, through programs such as the arts and physical education" (16). As a result, my plan is to incorporate drama, art movement, music, and other sensory activities to ...

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