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    Family Child Care

    Keeping a child inside of a home away from other children reduces exposure to negative outside influences and illnesses. Because there are typically less children being cared for through family child care, children enjoy the greatest amount of interaction with their caregiver.

    There is no required licensing or background checks for in-home child care.¹> This makes it essential for parents to perform their own background checks and be diligent in checking up on their caregiver.

    Many nannies are educated in child care and hold many qualifications. They are usually trained to create a safe and stimulating environment for children.¹ Additionally, nannies often help with more than just child care; they help with running errands, shopping, doing laundry, making meals, and cleaning.¹

    Nanny care is the most expensive form of child care. Using a nanny agency is very costly as you pay a commission for their service. The weekly salary of a nanny is also 2 to 3 times more than the cost of sending a child to a daycare.¹

    Family care, excluding nanny care, is the most affordable child care option and offers more flexibility in the hours available for care.¹ Providers are able to communicate with parents on a personal and daily basis about the development of children and any problems that may arise.

    Furthermore, providers usually care for many age groups, allowing children to interact with older and younger children. This usually does not happen in daycares. Siblings are also able to learn and stay with each other when multi-aged care is available.¹

    Family day homes offer child care in another person’s home. The choice to put a child in a family day home is made for two reasons: keeping a child in a family setting and financial reasons.² The adult-to-child ratio is also usually low in family day homes, keeping the interaction between adults and children.²




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    Image source: U.S. Army / Flickr

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