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    Costs of running a daycare center senarios

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    Your center has 45 preschool children enrolled. The program is open 50 weeks per year and has a annual budget of $360,000. Identify the amount of tuition per week you will need to charge each child in order to cover your costs. How will your income be affected if only 40 children enroll for the first year? What would happen to your income if 10 children enroll on a half-day basis? What strategies would you have to consider in order to "balance the bugget"?

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    For 45 children enrolled for the full 50 weeks, tuition would have to be $160.00 per week per child in order to cover the costs of running the daycare. However, if that is the case and only 40 children enroll, the cost of tuition per child, per week would go up by $20 per child each week to make up the difference. If 10 children out of the 45 were enrolled only half day, the budget ...

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    The costs of running a daycare center scenarios are examined.