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Inventory Operations

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Use a 24 hour daycare center profile and operating information.

Identify how a 24 hour daycare uses inventory. What are three different inventories of products or supplies that the 24 hour daycare maintains?

What do you think is the total amount of inventory on average that is maintained in comparison to the annual income of the company?

What do you think are some key methods that 24 hour daycare could use to manage and track inventory, e.g. technology systems, and/or lean methods?

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First, let's discuss three different inventories of products that a 24 hour daycare would need to maintain.
- Baby changing products. Clearly the daycare would need a steady supply of diapers, cleaning materials, baby powder, and rash cream. It would be a huge disaster if the daycare ran out of these supplies!
- Age-appropriate materials. Toys, books, games, stuffed animals for children of all ages that the daycare serves.
- ...

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Explains how to set-up inventory operations for a day-care.

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