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    Multisystemic Therapy

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    Can you assist me with the following:

    Multisystemic Therapy is based upon nine principles. Read Case Study: Multisystemic Therapy for Adolescents Who Engage in HIV Transmission Risk Behaviors
    1. Apply the principles of multisystemic therapy to the case study.
    2. Apply the case study to at least three of the nine principles outlined in Figure 3.1 of the text (Rubin, A. (2012).Clinician's guide to evidence-based practice: Programs and interventions for maltreated children and families at risk. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley and Sons).
    3. Critique the article and its use of the nine principles of multisystemic therapy.
    4. What did the researcher do well?
    5. What principles may have been missing from the application? Support your rationale for the effectiveness of the principles with outside research from at least one peer reviewed article. Ensure that All questions are answered.

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    The case study in question is regarding "Sara," a 17-year-old Caucasian young woman diagnosed with perinatally acquired HIV, who was recruited into a clinical trial using a MST to address her risk behaviors regarding her HIV status. Sara was two months pregnant when the MST began, was non-adherent to her medication regimen, had a volatile relationship with her mother, had previously attempted suicide on three occasions, and reported frequent marijuana use (1).

    The multisystemic therapy is used in an attempt to keep the MST team on track with keeping the family focused, goal oriented, meet the developmental needs of the family, focus on sustaining outcomes, and continually assessing the progress or barriers to progress in regard to the family (2). In this study, the researcher used the majority of the nine principles of multisystemic therapy. To start with, the researcher understood the fit between the identified problems and their broader systemic context and could help to guide the treatment process. The therapist assessed the influences that were factors for Sara's problem behavior. ...

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    Discusses the principles of multisystemic therapy to a case study involving adolescents who are engaging in HIV transmission and risk behaviors.