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    Short essay answer: psychotherapies and theories

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    Module 6
    chapter outline

    module 36
    Psychotherapy: Psychodynamic, Behavioral,
    and Cognitive Approaches to Treatment
    Psychodynamic Approaches to Therapy
    Behavioral Approaches to Therapy
    Cognitive Approaches to Therapy
    module 37
    Psychotherapy: Humanistic and Group
    Approaches to Treatment
    Humanistic Therapy
    Interpersonal Therapy
    Group Therapy, Family Therapy, and Self-Help Groups
    Evaluating Psychotherapy: Does Therapy Work?
    Exploring Diversity: Racial and Ethnic Factors in Treatment:
    Should Therapists Be Color-Blind?
    module 38
    Biomedical Therapy: Biological Approaches
    to Treatment
    Drug Therapy
    Try It! What Are Your Attitudes Toward Patient Rights?
    Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)
    Biomedical Therapies in Perspective
    Community Psychology: Focus on Prevention
    Becoming an Informed Consumer of
    Psychology: Choosing the Right Therapist
    Psychology on the Web
    The Case of . . . Tony Scarpetta, the Man Who Couldnâ??t Relax
    Full Circle: Treatment of Psychological Disorders
    Therapies Brochure
    1) Design a tri-fold brochure that describes the major forms of therapy as discussed in chapter 11 of the text. Include the following:
    a) List the characteristics and strategies of each therapy
    b) Explain the approaches to therapy with respect to treatment
    c) Discuss the disorders of each therapy and provide examples of the most effective treatment
    2) To complete this assignment: use the templates in Microsoft Office Publisher or any alternative word processing program. In absence of said programs access the following online template resources:
    a) http://www.wordautomation.com/openoffice_templates.html
    b) http://www.wordautomation.com/free_word_templates.html
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    module 36

    Psychotherapy: Psychodynamic, Behavioral and Cognitive Approaches to Treatment
    Psychodynamic Approaches to Therapy

    Psychodynamic approaches to treatment focus on the earlier life experiences of the clients.
    Psychoanalytic therapy is one form of Psychodynamic treatment approach in which the subconscious - early psychosexual development, opposing forces and intra-psychic conflicts and conscious feelings and ideas of the client are explored with their basis in childhood life experiences. Object relations therapy is the newer theoretical concept based on the approach, with culture and social forces being analyzed later in the development of the approach.

    Brief psychodynamic therapy is one of the therapies of psychodynamic approach to treatment.

    Behavioral Approaches to Therapy
    Behavioral approaches look at the behavior of the client itself, and not necessarily go deeper into the underlying root causes from childhood experiences like in the case of psychodynamic treatment approach. Eye movement systematic desensitization (EMDR) exposure therapy, is one form of behavioral therapy in which imaginal flooding, cognitive restructuring and rhythmic eye movements and bilateral stimulation is used to treat PTSD and fearfulness in clients. The focus is on applied behavior analysis, assertion training, conceptual framework of BASIC ID (behavior, affective responses, sensations, images, cognitions, interpersonal relationship, drugs and biological functions), behavior modification, rehearsal, classical conditioning, cognitive behavior coping skills therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, functional assessment and modeling to name a few of the related concepts.

    Cognitive Approaches to Therapy

    Cognitive behavioral therapy is one type of therapy which falls under cognitive and behavioral approaches. CBT is used with a variety of client population including clinical depression, ...

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    Short essay answer: psychotherapies and theories
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