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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies and Adlerian Psychotherapy

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Compare and contrast psychoanalytic psychotherapies and Adlerian psychotherapy. How are they the same? How are they different? What kinds of multicultural considerations should you make when utilizing these theories? Which one appeals to you more if you were thinking about incorporating these into your own practice? Use scholarly resources to support your answers. Cite your sources with APA format.

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One of the ways in which psychoanalytic psychotherapies and Adlerian psychotherapy are similar, is the fact that each of these therapeutic methodologies involves a great deal of introspection by the patient or client, in helping to ascertain the root cause of their psychological distress or dysfunction. In addition, each of these therapeutic techniques takes into consideration the past experiences of individuals in shaping their present psychological condition, and formulating the best methodology by which to treat each patient based upon their ...

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