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Person-Centered Theory or Client-Centered Theory

Choose a school of psychology research and practice (e.g., Psychoanalysis or Behaviorism) and contrast it with another school of research and practice (e.g., Person-Centered or Cognitive-Behavioral).

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As you briefly compare and contrast two types, I choose Person-Centered Theory or Client-Centered Theory because it is such a proactive, positive, and practical approach to psychological study.

It focuses on the constantly evolving nature of human behaviors and mental processes, as well as how humans move toward reaching their full potentials through self actualization.

Notions of empathy and unconditional positive regard also characterize this theory, which I appreciate. The premise of valuing of one's self, positive self-regard, also occurs within this theory.

One article assesses this theory:

Lux, M. (2010). The Magic of Encounter: The Person-Centered Approach and the Neurosciences. Person-Centered & Experiential Psychotherapies, 9(4), 274-289.

Lux advocates how basic therapeutic principles of person-centered theory encompass "empathic ...

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