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Recommendation letters from a daycare center and pre-kindergarten teacher (looking to teach preschool).

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I need help at creating two different types of recommendation letters. I need one that will be coming from a daycare center on teaching preschool. The other will be coming from the pre-kindergarten teacher. I need them to be letters of recommendation, just basically stating that they recommend the student teacher for a teaching position. They don't have to be long but need to be somwhat detailed.


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Please see the two examples below. Thank you!

Family-Friendly Childcare Center

September 24, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in regard to Suzie Q. Smith, who I have known to be a gifted and exceptionally loving Preschool Teacher in our three- and four-year-old programs. She has raised the bar of teacher expectations at our center by being the first to implement a curriculum that includes math, science, and reading along with the "usual" centers - - sensory exploration, imaginary play, blocks, manipulatives, and group - - in our Preschool classrooms. By doing so, Suzie has acted as a role model and mentor to those she works with every day.

Suzie continues to enhance her teaching abilities by continuing her education. Over the years ...

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