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    Example of an Action Research Project

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    This is an example of an Action Research Project.

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    This project involved improving kindergarten students' phonemic awareness ability.

    This directly affected their reading performance. The kindergarten students historically performed poorly on tests due to their lack of phonemic awareness taught in the preschool setting. Kindergarten teachers used half of the kindergarten year to re-teach letter and sound recognition skills, which created a loss of valuable reading instruction during the kindergarten year. Furthermore, few kindergarten classrooms used a small group approach, which focused on the drill and practice of blending and segmenting words, which developed onset and rime techniques. The basic plan in this project was to immerse students in phonemic awareness strategies to increase their ability to sound out words and read them independently. This strategy was taught by enveloping kindergarten students in sound recognition by teaching through a multi intelligence approach through song.

    The alphabet song provided students an opportunity to use hand motions and the letter name and sound to teach letter and sound recognition skills. The teacher, to help students understand the number of sounds in a word as well as blend the sounds together, provided the lesson of bead counting. This lesson provided immediate feedback on the student's understanding of how sounds make up words and whether students were able to blend sounds and read the word. This became the foundation of improving student's ability to blend sounds and read words. By using direct training in phonemic awareness through the instruction of word ...

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