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Health care competence evidence-based project implementation

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Strategies for health care cultural competence evidence-based project implementation and evaluation plan
Who needs to be brought on board to implement the change?
What sought of interprofessional collaboration is required?
What are the key messages that each group need to hear?
What sort of preparation is needed?
Who will facilitate the process?
How will the impact of the project will be measured?
What results constitute success?
What results would indicate the project should be modified?
What results would be a reason to abandon the project?

Need Peer Review References - Please!

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First of all, if you think this is going to be an ongoing theme for you, academically, you might want to pick up E.T. Stringer's "Action Research" (2007) book. It walks you through most of the questions you are working through here.

Action Research and Participatory Action Research are the key words for this type of project. I'm attaching an example of this process that I did for a doctoral project. There are two peer review references at the bottom, I will work on finding more for you as well.

One article I found was about different perspectives of cultural competence. Although it may not fit into the steps you need to write this part of your project, it might be helpful when developing communication with ...

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This solution provides an overview, along with references, on planning, implementing, and evaluating an evidence-based project. A SWOT style example is attached.