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    Cultural competence assessment implementation

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    What information is needed as strategies for LGBT Cultural Competence focus assessment implementation and evaluation?
    Who needs to brought on board to implement the change?
    What sort of interprofessional collaboration is required?
    What are the key messages that each group needs to hear?
    What sort of preparations are needed?
    Who will facilitate this process?
    How will you measure the impact of the project?
    What results constitute success?
    What results would indicate you should modify the project?
    What results would cause you to abandon the project?

    Will the literature provide me with the direction needed to address my evidence project? Can you help me with additional strategies in implementation and evaluation planning regarding my potential project in a hospital setting?

    Thank you in advance for any direction you are able to guide. Again, peer-review review references are helpful. By the way this a nursing leadership project.

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    The literature I provided in the last post should be pretty universal, especially the Stringer book.

    Some thoughts that you may find helpful. Whether or not you truly would like to implement this program, you should work through it as if you are. I feel that it's harder to think critically when it's just an assignment vs. if it could have an impact on someone else's life.

    Evidence-based programs are designed to be transferable, however, every community is different, so some change may be needed to make it better fit your target. That being said, it is important to think about where this program will take place. LGBT cultural competence will be quite different if you are working in, say, San Francisco, as opposed to some small town in the bible belt.

    Before you can begin planning for change, you need to identify what change is needed. Are you in an area where the LGBT community is more open about their orientation, but the hospital needs further competence to understand their specific health issues? Or are you in a community where the ...

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