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Ensuring voluntary participation and unethical uses of technology

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Participants in an action research study/project are generally a captive audience-students, employees, colleagues, etc. How will you ensure their participation is voluntary? Guaranteeing there is no negative result to non-consent is also important.
How has your employer, school, district, etc. developed policies as a result of the unethical use of technology? Are computers the only type of technology that can be misused?

One suggests we must begin with the end in mind. "Furthermore, prior to implementing a research project, one must think about the project and ensure that it is not only ethical, but protects the well-being and interest of the participants."

How will the participants' information be used and what do I need to do to protect the participants?

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An action research study/project for volunteers can be accomplished through different service learning organizations. There are service learning programs that provide opportunities to tutor and mentor individuals. The participants learn skills to manage and communicate with communities, districts, states and countries. In such project volunteers also receive education and awards to help finance ...

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The solution discusses ensuring voluntary participation and unethical uses of technology.

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