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This posting discusses IT and it's impact on the human race.

Information systems and internet have become intertwined in almost every aspect of our lives. Analyze the unethical uses of information systems/ technology providing arguments on how this can have a negative impact on society/the human race from a social point of view.

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The main issue is that because information systems/technology has become so widely used, it automatically increases the percentage of individuals that use the information for unethical means. The most common uses of information systems/technology for unethical means are also uses that are illegal, however, there are uses that are unethical which can be considered legal, when going by the letter of the law. As the frequency of unethical uses of information increases, it becomes more prevalent in society because more people begin to attempt the same unethical uses. Regulations regarding the ethical use of information gained from information systems are practically nonexistent outside of the company's framework for internal users, which makes all external users almost completely free from consequential actions due to the unethical use. This, in turn, allows the individuals using the information gained unethically to continue doing so.

This specific act by one individual gravely ...

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This solution discusses the impact of information technology on the human race from a social point of view, and includes references.