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Race and Ethnicity Meaning

"Assuming that the meaning of race is fixed and unchanging is a convenient fiction..." What does he mean by this? If the meaning of race is not stable and fixed, what implications does this have for things like public policy? How does the racial sorting activity relate to the idea that race is a "stable" and "fixed" system of human classification?

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My name is Jason Blair and it is my pleasure to assist you with some notes designed to help you complete this writing prompt. I am a Professor of Sociology in Arizona and am well versed in issues of racial studies.

To begin, let us first consider the commonly accepted definition of race. Sociologists typically identify race as being physical characteristics that put a person in a distinct group or community. Since physical characteristics cannot be easily altered, many scholars have taken this to mean that race is actually 'fixed and unchanging'. Obviously, some also disagree with this notion.

Your professor is proposing ...

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