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Is America close to Post Racial?

I need help with this one. I need to write about how America is NOT close to becoming a post racial society and include a bibliography of at least three references.

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In a post-racial society, people are not questioned or judged simply based on ethnicity or the
color of their skin. Many experts debate over whether or not we live in a post-racial society. At this
point in time, the general consensus is that a post-racial society evolves over time, rather than changing
rapidly due to a specific historical event. The collective U.S. population, though probably much more
open minded when it comes to race than three decades ago, still notices race. Therefore, it is not a
pos-racial society. There are several examples in recent history that indicate race still matters and
people still notice a person's skin color. According to Lum (2009), the disparities between ...

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The expert determines if America is close to being a post racial society. Three APA references are provided in the solution.