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    Racial Profiling of Arabs and Muslim Americans

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    Conduct an Internet search on racial profiling of Arabs and Muslims in the United States, and then answer the following questions. Given that the majority of Arabs in the United States are Christians, why is the perception that they are Muslims so widespread? Many people are profiled as being Arab or Muslim, when they are not. How do mistakes such as these relate to the "identifiability" characterizations of minority groups? What implications do these mistakes have for perpetrators of profiling and hate crimes and for their targets? 500 words

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    Arab Americans are represented as a collective rather in as individuals. Arab and Muslim Americans are largely portrayed as Muslims even though most Arabs are Christians. Arab is a minority of Muslims in American as well as the world. Arab and Muslims are represented as having intimate ties with their origin countries. Arab and Muslims are represented more strongly religious than Americans in general and particularly as devout Muslims. Muslims are represented most devoted to Islam than to the United States.

    Arabs and Muslims are represented as more linked to international Muslim movements and are racialized as "people of color, dark and dangerous" (www.paktribune.com). Arabs and Muslims are associated with such words as terrorists, fear, suspect, security, deportation, and policing. Since 2001, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal have used these terms consistently in news reports and opinion columns. (www.paktribune.com) they are associated with extreme activist behavior. The media sensationalizes anything that deals with ...

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    This post comprises a Word document of over 500 words; it brings into focus the media-hyped profiling of Arabs and Muslim Americans. The student should be able to understand the implications of racial profiling in the US.