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Sociopolitical Factors Encountered by Arab Americans

What are at least two sociopolitical factors encountered by Arab Americans? What impact do these factors have on this population?

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For many years in the United States there has been a perception of Arab Americans and Muslims as all being terrorists: foreign, disloyal and threatening. Although Arabs can trace their roots from the Middle East and are of various religious backgrounds and Muslims come from all over the world and adhere to Islam, these differences are often blurred and negative images about Arabs and Muslims are often attributed to both. What does not seem to help is that certain Hollywood movies reflect and perpetuate these negative stereotypes. For example the movie The Seige depicts the U.S. military declaring martial law and imprisoning Muslims and Arab Americans following a series of terrorist bombings. The movie appeared to connect Islamic religious practices like prayer, Islamic dress and beards as well as Islamic cleansing with the act of terrorism. Such portrayals combined with the perception of these stereotypes in news reporting, feed the public perception that only Arabs are ...