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    Multi-Cultural Disparities in Employment

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    (1) Discuss how American laws and policies impact different racial groups in different ways. Be sure to include in your discussion the kinds of impacts that continue post-arrest. Include in your discussion the facts we've encountered about employment opportunities for blacks compared to whites and explain how the disparities here also affect racial inequality in the U.S. Finally, identify two or more policy changes that could be made to reduce racial inequality in our criminal justice system.

    (2) What do you think is most significant about these two accounts of urban street life with respect to interactions between racial groups in the U.S.? Drawing on your own observations about street life in United States.

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    Some American laws and policies have different impacts on different people beginning from legislation throughout the entire criminal justice process. When discussing employment opportunities YOU must first be cognizant of the racial inequalities within the education system as well as the veiled racism still in a society where the majority is White. To answer your first question regarding different laws and policies I will highlight two disproportionate laws that many within the minority community consider racist and unjust because of how they are implemented and carried out.

    The first of these is the 100 to 1 ratio that previously gave a minority caught with 5 grams of crack cocaine the same mandatory sentence as someone caught with 500 grams of powdered cocaine. Congress initiated this law knowing that Blacks were more likely to be caught with crack cocaine while Whites were more susceptible to being caught with powdered cocaine. Post-arrest, this American policy resulted in hundreds of Black men being sentenced to lengthy prison terms for a drug that has been proven scientifically the same as the DRUG NECESSARY TO MAKE CRACK, which is powder cocaine. While those caught with powder cocaine, who were mostly White defendants, received light or no prison time, Blacks caught with the byproduct of crack cocaine received far more time for street level dealing.

    The next policy or law that disproportionately affects minorities throughout the United States is the use of racial profiling by police departments when stopping suspected drug vehicles. This practice is rampant across this country even ...

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    The solution discusses how American laws and policies have impacted minorities in different ways pertaining to employment.