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    American history articles from civil rights era

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    Identify at least three different articles from the ProQuest Historical Newspapers (New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and Christian Science Monitor) written between 1960 and 1968 that cover important topics in the civil rights movement.

    the civil rights movement during this period, including examples or quotes from each of the three articles you located. Address the following:

    â?¢ Public opinion and media coverage of the civil rights struggle
    â?¢ Martin Luther King, Jr. and the nonviolent protest movement
    â?¢ Malcolm X and the changing nature of the movement later in the 1960s

    â?¢ As in the week before, find a one-word theme that ties these things together. You must tell me in the first sentence what your theme is and use the remainder of the first paragraph using evidence from your articles to summarize how your theme ties these three things (public opinion, MLK, Malcolm X) together. Don't make me guess what your theme is! You can even start your first sentence with something akin to "The theme that ties [the three things] together is ______."

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    As you find a one-word theme that ties these things together, you might remark something like this: "The theme that ties public opinion of the 1960s toward Civil Rights, MLK, and Malcolm X together is change." All articles reiterate how a sense social change was emerging in America, pressing for unparalleled reform in political, social, educational, economic, and human rights.

    As you locate an article about public opinion regarding Civil Rights struggles, this one offers some food for thought:

    (1964, April 18). THE GREAT QUESTION BEFORE THE SENATE. Saturday Evening Post. p. 86. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

    I've also attached it as a pdf file.

    The editorial clearly references how Senator Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota reacted to the civil-rights bill as one that would "looked upon as the greatest achievement in the field of human rights since the ...

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