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Inequality in America: The Civil Rights Era

1) What was the role of government in the Civil Rights Era?

2) What were the main programs of JFK and LBJ that addressed inequality in America and what was meant by the Great Society? Which programs were successful? Which ones failed and why?

3) What were the historical roots of this period?

4) What makes this period unique?

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1) The important thing about Civil Rights (other than that it happened necessarily) is its context. The government's "role" in civil rights itself was still hotly contested even throughout the era itself. How much should the government enforce? What should it enforce and how? Why is it a national issue? Questions like this were all over the place. But the bottom line is that this is one of your questions because the government took it as the will of the people of the entire country at the time to ...

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Inequality in American civil rights ear is examined. The main programs of JFK and LBJ are determined.