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    American Education and Multiculturalism

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    How does the history of American education provide a context for multiculturalism?

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    How does the history of American education provide a context for multiculturalism?

    Let us begin with a brief history of American Education. Back before the Civil War (in the 1800's), there were little-to-no educational opportunities for minorities, and very limited opportunities for women. Although most white women were educated in the home, there were very few formal educational opportunities for them in schools and universities. This began to change in the 1920's when the Women's Rights Movement was passed, but even after this, opportunities remained unequal.

    Going back to before the Civil War, it was actually illegal to educate an African American (punishable by death). The only material that they were allowed to read was the Bible, and most of them could not even do that because they lacked the educational opportunity to learn how to read. Soon after the Civil War ended in 1864, African Americans were free, but their opportunities were still as limited as before. Segregation began, which kept African Americans and ...

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    This 571 word solution outlines the history of American education within the context of multiculturalism. It highlights the evolution of educational policies regarding diversity starting with the pre-civil war era, moving on to the post-civil war era, followed by the civil rights era, and ending with education today.