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    Key Events Which Spurred Civil Rights Movement in 1960s

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    What are at least two (2) events of the 1960s which spurred the Civil Rights Movement forward? Why did this events support the movement?

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    The Civil Rights Movement gained fresh energy in 1960 when the activists followed the peaceful principles of Martin Luther Jr. Their endurance and patience in the midst of violence won the hearts of all people of the world.
    A new type of action strategy called "sit-in" was introduced by the African Americans. The maneuver was completely non-violent. At the beginning, four American Americans requested coffee in a white only lunch counter at the local Woolworth's Store in Greensboro, North Carolina. The request was immediately refused. Even though, there was violence and jeering, they did not forgo the path of non-violence. They waited and sat patiently. Here was the beginning of glimpse of a ...

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    This solution mainly points two particular events that strengthened civil rights movements in 1960s. It was the African-American tactic of "sit-ins" and Freedom Rides