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    Hippies and How They Influenced the Culture of the 1960s

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    Sex, drugs, rock n' roll, student protest marches, and such would have all been considered "deviant" activities as they ran counter to the values, beliefs, and ideology of our culture at that time; hence the term "counterculture."

    Discussion Question # 1: Who were the Hippies and how did they influence the culture of the 1960s?

    Discussion Question #2 Research and report on a current social movement that you think could be defined as a counter culture movement.

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    Question #1
    Student activists grew to a radical point in the 1960s. Students took over college campuses, organized massive antiwar demonstrations and occupied parks and other public places. Some even made bombs and set campus buildings on fire. At the same time, young women joined the National Organization for Women. All these people became increasingly annoyed with the slow progress of civil rights reform. Due to this same feeling, people dropped out of the political life altogether and became known as "hippies." "Hippies" ...

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